Mort Rosenblum, reporter, author, and educator, has covered stories on seven continents since the 1960s, from war in Biafra to tango dancing by the Seine. He was editor of the International Herald Tribune; special correspondent for The Associated Press; AP bureau chief in Africa, Southeast Asia, Argentina, and France; and founding editor of the quarterly, Dispatches.

“A great foreign correspondent draws on forty years of travels and experiences to paint a vivid picture of how America is falling short of its highest values and crippling its global leadership.”

– James F. Hoge, Jr, editor, Foreign Affairs

He divides his time among a boat in Paris, an olive farm in Provence, and far-flung reporting assignments. Each Christmas, he returns to his old home, Tucson, to teach international reporting at the University of Arizona, scout wildflowers and eat cheese enchiladas. His focus now is on protecting fish and oceans, as well as a 14th book, about which he remains evasive.

Rosenblum directs Reporting Unlimited, an effort to link old hands who’ve learned stuff the hard way to young people with fresh eyes and energy. It is also aimed at all those with a conscience – citizen citizens – who want guidance on what and whom to believe. Reporting Unlimited is anchored on Facebook but also organizes exchanges and lectures.